“I FEEL like singing all the time,
My tears are wiped away;
For Jesus is a Friend of mine,
I’ll serve Him every day.

I’ll praise Him ! praise Him ! praise Him all the time !
Praise Him ! praise Him ! I’ll praise Him all the time!”

Singing to the glory of God solves the direst of problems and soothes the soul. You don’t believe me? Well, these testimonies of mine – by the grace of God – would prove my earlier statement. Let’s start from earlier last year…

I had an attack on my brain. I couldn’t control my thoughts, I had terrible dreams, I was always forgetful – so much so that I got stranded at a bus-stop for over 5 minutes because I couldn’t remember the name of the next bus-stop I had to get to; I had never felt so panicked in my life as at that moment – and last but not the least, I couldn’t write; forget about academic papers or technical write ups, I couldn’t write a simple composition about myself.

I remember writing unfinished incoherent sentences, blank spaces and uncontrollable tears that often lulled me to sleep; I felt my level of intelligence rapidly dropping and there was nothing I could do about it…Nothing, except praise Him. I figured if I was going to cry anyways, why not cry to God because,

“My Father’s hand will never cause
His child a needless tear.”

The more I sang praises to God each passing day, the easier I took charge of my brain; and to the glory of God, my brain got healed and here I am, writing about it.

On the 24th of January 2019, I wrote in my journal,


was a battle. I was so sick in the morning. I had flashes of dreams and occurrences; I woke up feeling cold, my chest hurt and I was running temperature in and out. It was tough but never tough for my God. As David cried out in Psalms 8, 9, 10, I also cried out to my Lord and He came to my rescue. I’ve never recovered from a sickness so quickly in my life. PRAISES move my Lord and I AM SO THANKFUL that He’s by my side always. I was able to carry out today’s fasting till 7:00 pm because of HIM. House fellowship attendance for this week was 100%. PRAISE THE LORD!!!”


HALLELUJAH! and a warm hug I got from my mom who sang and danced with me later that year when I fought a terrible headache. Doctors are great and drugs are necessary but those didn’t soothe the intense banging in my head for three days straight. It was like a push-pull relationship, the headache and I; one minute it was gone (courtesy Panadol), the next it was back in multiplied force. It was truly a painful and weakening experience but then, what was headache compared to the city of Jericho in the book of Joshua chapter 6, whose imposing walls,

“…fell down flat…”

…at the shout (praise) of the children of Israel to the Lord – NOTHING. My mom and I bonded over that praise session and I got completely healed.

What about this new year? Well, God indeed has been faithful and has definitely won the “friend of a lifetime” medal where I’m concerned. Last night, I felt sad – I felt the year hadn’t even kicked off properly and I was already making countless mistakes especially towards my parents. I decided – to the glory of God – to add praises to my routine Bible study before bed so as to ask for mercy and forgiveness. I was led to Sacred Songs and Solos hymn 690 whose first stanza and chorus goes thus,

GIVE thanks unto God who is able and willing
To save to the uttermost all who draw near ;
To send out His light, their redemption fulfilling,
While His wonderful love shall dispel every fear.

Arise ! . . arise ! . . Arise, for thy light is come.
Arise ! . . arise ! . . Arise, for thy light is come !’
The light … of truth . . to lead . . . thee home ; . .
Arise ! oh, arise ! for thy light is come !

I’d never felt so reassured and hopeful for a new year in my life; just like that, my heart felt lighter. This is the power of praise, don’t be afraid to use it.

“…praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.”
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Happy New Year | Have a blessed decade.

2 thoughts on “SING!

  1. Sure! God inhabits the praises of His people; he sits and dwells in it. It means God takes total control and ownership of us when we praise Him. Thanks for the reminder, thanks for this beautiful piece. God bless you.

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